Thursday, September 23, 2010

Walking Cradles - Unique Line of Women's Comfort Shoes Sale!

Walking Cradles’ unique design and broad range of specialty sizes deliver the utmost in quality and comfort. Soft Nappa leather and crushed grain leather uppers are just a few of the features that show the meticulous attention to detail we put into every pair. Featuring leather uppers, leather lining and insole construction, and comfort features galore – in an amazing array of sizes and widths. Because the most comfortable shoe is the shoe that fits! Sale!

Elites by Walking Cradles

Walking Cradles unique line of women's comfort shoes and sandals delivers the utmost in comfort and flexible style. Careful craftsmanship, quality leathers and materials, a vast array of sizes, including narrow and wide, and our exclusive Tiny Pillow Foot Bed are just a few of the stylish luxuries you'll discover in Walking Cradles, Walking Cradles Sport Collection, and Elites by Walking Cradles.

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