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Velissilver Jewelry - Unique

Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver Necklace
Sterling Silver is an alloy comprising 7.5% of other metals and 92.5% of silver. Sterling silver necklace can be perfect jewelry for you during traditional family affair or friend’s marriage. Sterling silver necklace with vibrant Cubic Zirconia or CZ is perfect for any occasion. The occasion always, dominate the choice of necklace. For example, the heavy necklace goes well with during traditional function, whereas it is simpler, thinner counterpart is perfect for formal or casual event. Remember to consider the factors like neck structure and shoulders before finalizing the necklace.

Silver Ear Rings

Highest Quality 925 Sterling Silver
Jewelry. Free Shipping. Buy Now!

Sterling Silver: Gift Your Lady Something Lovely

If you want your lady to look hot like she is, then give her something sexy to wear! We're not talking about make up or expensive clothes, here at we carry hot sterling silver jewelry at affordable prices just to make each and every woman look like the sassy lady she is. You can find the latest styles in designer and celebrity inspired jewelry, rings, and bracelets.

Designer Inspired Jewlery

Designer jewelry

Let Your Life Shine, With Quality Silver Jewelry

Get your glow on by adding additional shine to your life. It's quite simple with a beautiful site like you'll be able to find the hottest styles of sterling silver jewelry on the internet. Not only that, but you'll be wearing the most unique pieces that everyone will be asking about. Gift yourself a fine piece of jewelry today. Velissilver carries a huge selection in

sterling silver bracelets

, rings, and necklaces.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

New Stylish & Trendy Silver Jewelry
Designs. High Quality. Buy Online!

Wide Selection Of The Hottest Fine Jewelry At

At Velissilver one of our number one important goals is providing you with the widest range of quality jewelry. We are always updating our stock to give you the hottest looks straight from Hollywood. You'll feel as if you hit the silver screen with our silver jewelry! Shine like the celebrity that you are with the hottest jewelry you can find online. Sterling silver jewelry to make you shine, in bracelets, necklaces, and rings!

Hold Your Head Up High With High Quality Jewels and Gems!

Feeling proud was never so simple, now that you have a brand new collection of the hottest jewelry styles. You will feel like a hot mama around all of your friends and family. Get ready for the girls to be begging for your top secret sterling silver site. The best thing about is when you refer your friends, you actually get bonus points to go toward your next order. Now you can shine for a dime with these lovely pieces of jewelry on your mind. So ladies, start shopping for your favorite silver rings, bracelets, and necklaces that make you feel perfect.

Enjoy Luxury of Fine Silver Jewelry
at Affordable Prices. Free Shipping!

Be The Celebrity Of Your Town With The Most Fashionable Jewelry

You thought only Hollywood Hotties could be the celebrities of the world. Little do you know girls, you can be your hometown celebrity with a few quick easy steps. That's right, looking stylish with silver jewelry was never this easy. You have access to the hottiest celebrity inspired and

designer inspired jewelry

on the web. Not only that, but now that Velissilver is in town we make shopping for designer jewelry super easy. You can dress like the blockbuster girls for a frication of the cost.

Shine Your Heart Off With Super Hot Silver Jewelry

You love to love, and why not show how much with silver jewelry. Every woman loves gifts, and the ones that make them shine like

fine jewelry

are even better. Show your girlfriend or wife just how special she is with her favorite type of bracelet or necklace that makes her love you even more. Gifting your woman something beautiful and elegant was never so affordable, now you can get designer inspired jewelry for the lowest costs.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Witron Holdings Ltd

Show Your Inner Beauty With Your High Fashion Sense Of Silver Jewelry

All of us have inner beauty, but not all of us know how to display it. With Velissilvers wide range of silver jewelry, you are surely to find that piece that makes you feel classy and elegant. We carry the hottest styles of celebrity and designer inspired jewelry you've ever seen. Simply click on the bracelet, necklace, or ring of your liking and explore! Show the world your style you never could before. Now you can look fab for less with

Shine For A Dime, With Velissilver Online!

Velissilver carries the highest quality sterling silver jewelry for affordable prices. Often times women think they can't get jewelry on a budget, and it can be difficult when looking for the hottest styles you see on tv and in magazines. We carry the latest styles worn by real celebrities, so you can be the star you never knew. Sterling bracelets, rings, and necklaces all for a fraction of what the Hollywood girls pay for designer names. Check our huge selection of jewelry you can finally afford.

Wholesale Jewelry For Great Online Prices

Maybe it's hard for you to decide on just one fab piece of sterling silver. Now with wholesale shopping you can get all the styles for even less when you buy more! Some say less is more, and it's completely true. Now you can get ten times the amount of sterling silver jewelry for the same price. Share these details with your friends and family and refer them so you can earn bonus points to go toward your next fine jewelry order.

Silver Jewelry

Enjoy Luxury of Fine Silver Jewelry
at Affordable Prices. Free Shipping!

Have That Fine Jewelry Shipped To Your Door!

Now you can shop for the latest sterling silver jewelry styles all from the comfort of your home. That's right, a trip around the world of fashion jewelry in a few simple clicks. On top of that, we have celebrity information at your finger tips, now you can see photos.Velissilver carries only the latest styles so you'll feel like a local celebrity.

Share The Love & Earn Purse Points

At Velissilver we believe in sharing and love. We have created a purse points system that allows you to earn credit for all of your fine jewelry friends you refer to our site. Simply click on refer a friend on our main page and you will be directed to a selection where you enter their email. After your friend makes their first purchase of sterling silver jewelry, you will earn 10% of their entire order. That's sterling silver jewelry points you can use right on our site. So start making that wish list of sterling silver you love, all the bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

Designer jewelry

Hey Gothic Girls, Velissilver Has Gothic Jewelry To Die For

Everyone knows Goth is in, but it might be pretty hard to keep up to that name if you're lacking the proper accessories. carries fashionable jewelry for great prices. Depending on where you live finding celtic jewelry and gothic jewelry can be a real pain. Thankfully we have selected the hottest styles of sterling silver gothic jewelry for you to choose from. Be sure to order big so you can get a sterling silver wholesale discount.

Classic Celtic Jewelry Styles Are Wonderful Gifts

Maybe you want to gift your love something classic and unique. With our beautiful Celtic Jewelry selection you will find a classic piece that your doll can wear any time of the day, casual or dressy. These beautiful pieces will bring a new look if this Celtic jewelry style is new for them. We carry a huge selection of fine jewelry styles in gothic jewelry and Celtic jewelry. Just click on our site and start looking for that perfect sterling silver piece today.

Gift Your Best Friend Matching Fine Jewelry

The gift of giving is a beautiful thing. Sometimes giving jewelry will help that special someone to remember you when they wear that sterling necklace or ring. You'll be a reminder to their heart all day when they look in the mirror and see that beautiful sterling silver jewelry around their neck or ears. Find classy looks at that show the personality and style of your loved one. They'll be surprised when they open that box to their new sterling jewelry.

Designer Inspired Jewlery

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